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Who is Jen?

"I'm a mom,skydiver,drummer,teacher,student,runner,programmer,speaker,business owner,writer,closet standup comedian,short order breakfast cook
... a Plate Spinner."

Not literally. Figuratively. Her eclectic activities enrich her life and keep her busy. Her time is valuable but not saturated. She's just addicted to the potential for efficiency.

But most importantly for you, it is this pensive, experiential insight to life that she can share to inspire and enrich your event, activity, publication, or project.

Her Skills

  • Speaker

    Inspirational / Topical

    As a successful businesswoman and entrepreneur, and one of the country's leading female skydivers, Jen is frequently invited to share the lessons and experience of skydiving and years in business, drawing analogies to the field and history of skydiving, in venues small and large, from summer children's program to municipal conferences to the state of Kansas Capitol building. Her expertise earned her the position of guest speaker multiple times for the National Dropzone Owner’s Conference as well as the International Parachute Industry Association Expo. She is slated to be the keynote speaker for an audience near 3,000 at the Kansas Rural Water Conference.

    Price depends on venue. Some events may qualify as gratis.

  • Educator

    Individual Coaching / Courses / Workshops

    Teaching is her passion. Since earning her degree in Education in 1994, she has taught in public schools and at the University level. In October 1995, she opened Skydive Kansas, the longest running commercial dropzone in Kansas, located in Osage City, which is known nationally for its educational offerings. Her reputation and credentials as a skydiving instructor/examiner afford her opportunities to travel and teach seasoned instructors how to facilitate their own courses and perform duties of leadership in their own areas.

    Pricing starting at $15/half hour / $100 per person per day

  • Writer

    Curriculum / Articles / Book

    Jen has written hard copy support materials for training manuals that are either standalone or coincide with e-learning sites. In addition, she often writes articles for skydiving and non-skydiving publications, regularly contributing to some, such as United States Parachute Association magazine Parachutist and the Kansas Rural Water Association magazine Her book outlining her history, thoughts and philoshopies, Afraid of Heights is available on Amazon.

    Pricing starting at $100 per article

  • Programmer

    Custom sites / Content management systems / Database driven solutions

    A resident of Kansas all her life, Jen Sharp started her own web programming business in 1997 and now serves over 40 Kansas Counties and approximately 15 Kansas small cities and rural water districts with content management systems for their websites. Some small businesses have taken advantage of her skills as well. In addition to CMS, she programs custom websites and internal cloud solutions for associations and corporations needing a single presence across locations. Her gravid programming coupled with insight for user experience lend a cohesion to her work that is unsurpassable; web graphic design, online video applications, interactive e-Learning, and e-commerce pepper her projects. Her website for the Kansas Rural Water Association earned the Award for Best Website from the National Rural Water Association, and a children's science project site, WEHAB, won an International award from KnowledgePresenter for e-Learning.

    Pricing starting at $1 per minute


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